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Pre-Debut Eunhyuk Audition Footage

This video is footage of Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk‘s audition for SM Entertainment. He makes the judges snicker because he keeps switching back and forth between rap and ballad. He was a class clown even back in the day.

His appearance has improved DRASTICALLY, thank God.


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Heechul’s SM Audition

Super Junior Heechul‘s SM audition tape is enduring to say the least.

I don’t think he picked the right song to showcase his erm…musical talents, and his voice cracks in a couple places. His dancing is…well, it doesn’t look like it’s improved since then.

The good news is, he looks exactly the same! Hooray! Baggier clothes though.

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Jae Joong SM Audition

Jae Joong from DBSK looks SOOOOO DIFFERENT pre-debut. Has he ever publically addressed his obvious plastic surgery modifications?

If I had passed him back then on the street, I would never have given him a second glance. Now, he’s a ridicuously good-looking mega idol star. C’est la vie.

I always feel bad for these popstars, how their audition tapes are available online now. It must be so embarrassing.

If you keep thinking about our past memories
I might go look for you secretly

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