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Fan Merchandise


Isn’t this the most adorable card?! Can you imagine getting a birthday card like this with Minwoo‘s cute face plastered all over it??? *Squeeeeeeeel*



February 3, 2009 at 9:00 am 3 comments

Shinhwa on Happy Together

This is a clip of Shinhwa on “Happy Together” right before the new year.

Their nicknames are so LOL, especially JunJin‘s.
“Hello, I’m shy guy Andy.”
“Hello, I’m cool guy Minwoo.”
“Hello, I’m SF anime cartoon image JunJin.”

They play rock-paper-scissors, and the winner has to duck in order to avoid getting hit, but Andy doesn’t realize this, and even though he wins, he keeps getting hit!

January 28, 2009 at 9:00 am 1 comment

Shinhwa on Heroine 6

This is footage of Shinhwa on “Heroine 6” displaying their cute 3 year-old expressions.

However….sometimes, it’s a bit disturbing to see a grown man acting childlike. Just saying…

That aside…Gahhh!!! It’s soooo cute!!!!

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Eric’s Famous Banana Song

In this clip, Shinhwa‘s Eric sings his famous Banana song on a ski lift with Shin Hye Sung.

The song is FREAKING hilarious and soooooo cuteeeeee! MUST WATCH!!!

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Ab-Lounge Minwoo

When I’m watching this video of Minwoo during the Shinhwa Asia Tour 2006, part of me is really striving to pay attention to what he’s saying, but the other part of me is completely mesmerized by his hot body. I simply can’t concentrate!!!

In addition to his freaking drool-icious physique, he’s on stage acting like the world’s biggest dork.

On the one hand, I’m hot and bothered. On the other hand, I’m dying of the cuteness.

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Minwoo Concert Fan Account

I read THE FUNNIEST fan account  about Minwoo‘s “M Rizing” concert:

“Ok so he just sang Forgive Me…and he took his shirt off at the end! Being sexy should be a crime…Now he’s on the keyboard…I can die from being oversexed I swear…

He fed someone cake off his finger…I’m gonna kill him…and now he just put his jacket on some girl…and talked into her ear…and now resting his head on her shoulder! Someone kill me…just stab a dagger into my heart…And now he brings another girl up…He’s killing me…

I think he pointed at me…but so did twenty other girls I think…I don’t think I’ll ever have anything to say about them smoking…He looks too good doing it…And dammit…he has some dancer straddling him AGAIN. You know…Amy should never come to his concerts…

I lived this long for this moment…HE LICKED THE MIC STAND AND STRADDLED IT…My life is almost complete…Just short of snagging Eric… P

“Nobody”, “Micheosseo”, “U Go Girl”…too cute…He did a little bit of “Wa”…He looked so GOOD doing it… AND he does “Rainism” better than Rain…HE PWNS RAIN…yeah!

No, Amy wasn’t there…I’m saying that she SHOULDN’T be attending his concerts because she might die of jealousy…and no [Shinhwa] members around either…bleh…But he sang “I Pray 4 U” and “Brand New”…The concert was nearly 3 hours…He is MAD…And I’m too hyped up…I need a drink…

And as always…I’m hopeless with taking pics at concerts…because I usually can’t tear my eyes off the stage…but yeah…any images I need are all in my head anyway…*licking and straddling* *tearing off shirt* *DIES* And the staff gave me the concert banner for keeps!”

WOW…LICKING AND STRADDLING THE MIC. My head exploded just thinking about it.


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X-Man Eric, Kim Jong Kook, Yoon Eun Hye Showdown

I absolutely LOVE this X-Man Dangyunhaji romance battle. It’s a love triangle involving Eric from ShinhwaYoon Eun Hye, and the “one man” Kim Jong Kook.  

What they say isn’t exactly hilarious. It’s the reactions of the background MCs that make this clip LOL.

Kim Jong Kook’s comic rival is Kim Jong Min and his love rival is Eric. Hahahahaa.

“[The muscle man erupts. No one can stop him!]”

“What do you think you are doing? Treating me as invisible man?!”

“[E-sama]” ROFL!!!!

“The ending will be both of them dying in my hands!”

“You know you’re still going to die, right?”

October 13, 2008 at 9:00 am 3 comments


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