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X-Man Christmas Special!!!

I’m a huge X-Man fan. This show was pure GOLD. The following X-Man episode is their 2006 Christmas Special Part I. Guests: Son Ho Young, JunJin, Andy, Chae Yeon, Brian, Baek Ji Young, Tei, Eru, Nam Gyu RiHeechul, Siwon, and Park Jung Ah + X-Man cast.

“His face is already loved by God.” ROFL! Siwonnie’s always so bashful about his good looks.

“Park Jung Ah is an MC too!”

Park Jung Ah looked sooo different back then.

Kang Ho Dong gets hit in the head during the game of dodgeball. “As an entertainer, my face is important!”

The lightening effects for Son Ho Young’s muscle shot is so LOL.

Park Myung Soo would rather be out than save Kang Ho Dong. What a friendship.

After the bear comment, people were rolling on the floor laughing for real.

“Image? I’ve abandoned that long ago.”

Son Ho Young’s ab shot was so useless. Hahaha.

MC Haha accidentally hits Kang Ho Dong in the nuts. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Junjin is so freaking hilarious when he moves around like a b-boy.

Park Myung Soo wants the MC chair so bad.

Park Myung Soo has the funniest look on his face when they are doing the star formations. Sagittarius formation and North Star formation don’t protect the reindeer. Hahaha.

Kim Jong Kook left for the army not long ago!”

Check out the awesome  episode [eng sub] below: (more…)


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Super Junior Facial Expressions

This episode of Star King was pretty funny. I think youtube deleted all of the subbed versions though. 😦

The guy in the pink wig is so funny. His legs are…sesshi?

Sungmin is so cute!!! Typical Sungmin.

Kangin with his finger in his mouth is so prection.

Heechul with his ssukso (rotten smile)!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL!

MC Haha with his blowfish. So cute!

November 14, 2008 at 9:00 am 4 comments

MC Haha “You are my Destiny”

I adore this song. It’s so cuuttee!!!

MC Haha should stick to comedy though. His singing reminds me of the off-key singing you do in the shower or car.

The “la-la-la” in the beginning remind me of vocal warm-up exercises you do during voice lessons.

The girl he picks to come onstage with him at the end is the female version of him. Hahaha. Same clothes and glasses!

I don’t like that point-twirl choreography. TOP from Big Bang‘s been doing a lot of it too.

I struggle within them because of the pain
Because without you I’m a chair with a short leg

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