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Minwoo Cuts on Champagne

Minwoo shares funny stories about taxi hopping with Eric, his earring nightmare, and his prank on a drunk friend. Hahaha.


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Shinhwa on YSMM

Shinhwa introductions on YSMM. For some reason, the youtube user only uploaded Part 1, but not the other parts. Where are the other parts?

Shin Hye Sung is really shy about public baths and group showers. “It was difficult to get close in the beginning. They solved it by showering.” ROFL.

Eric has long legs like a woman.

Shin Hye Sung provides the ballad voice for Andy‘s lipsync.

Minwoo shaves his backhair. LMAO.

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Eric’s Famous Banana Song

In this clip, Shinhwa‘s Eric sings his famous Banana song on a ski lift with Shin Hye Sung.

The song is FREAKING hilarious and soooooo cuteeeeee! MUST WATCH!!!

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X-Man Eric, Kim Jong Kook, Yoon Eun Hye Showdown

I absolutely LOVE this X-Man Dangyunhaji romance battle. It’s a love triangle involving Eric from ShinhwaYoon Eun Hye, and the “one man” Kim Jong Kook.  

What they say isn’t exactly hilarious. It’s the reactions of the background MCs that make this clip LOL.

Kim Jong Kook’s comic rival is Kim Jong Min and his love rival is Eric. Hahahahaa.

“[The muscle man erupts. No one can stop him!]”

“What do you think you are doing? Treating me as invisible man?!”

“[E-sama]” ROFL!!!!

“The ending will be both of them dying in my hands!”

“You know you’re still going to die, right?”

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