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You Know You’re A 1N2D Fan When…

I came across this on the 1N2D wordpress fansite, and I thought I’d share it:

  • You have the classic wake-up song as your morning alarm
  • Your laptop prompts you with warnings of “low disk space” because of the number of downloaded 1N2D eppies
  • You then run out to buy a 40GB external hard drive to back up all eppies and make room for future downloads
  • You’re a total complete computer idiot but you spend 3 hours figuring out how to d/l clips from youtube/perform file conversions just so you can save little clips of the guys in your iPod
  • You insist on putting a pink woolen scarf around your dog’s neck in the sweltering heat and your dog hates you for that
  • You’re hunting for a polka-dotted red bow for your dog even though you know your dog will hate you even more for that
  • You’d pick Mong over Rain/KSW/*insert hot hunk’s name* anyday, anytime
  • You’d drink 10 kanaris to be part of the crew as free labor even if it’s just for a day
  • You delete your other fave show to make room for 1n2d
  • You watch 1n2d without sub because you can’t get enough!
  • You eat the same ramen as the guys
  • You google what kind of hoodie the guys wear after watching the show
  • When you start incorporating the 1N2D logo in handiwork (yes, I sewed a 1N2D flag!)
  • When you memorize all the dance steps choreographed
  • When you start sleeping in weird places people normally wouldn’t
  • When you start shouting “CALL!!!” whenever your friends ask if you agree with something
  • When you feel sick whenever you look at a moving vehicle, especially a boat
  • First thing to do after waking up – to turn on your PC and visit the Soompi 1N2D thread — to check what’s new / what’s the latest
  • You stay up til 3AM to watch 1N2D nearly waking up your parents and knowing that you have an exam tomorrow
  • When your Mujogun alarm can’t wake you up because, rather than sleep, you download and watch a new 1N2D as soon as a link is available
  • When you’ve peeled and eaten a whole lemon to see if you could do the bokbulbok.
  • When you sometimes say “un-bel-ee-ba-bel” like Ho Dong
  • When you have to stop yourself from ordering a kanari-cano at Starbucks (Coffee Bean, Peets)
  • When your laptop won’t boot up and your first thought is “I hope my 1N2D epi’s are ok.”
  • When you go to DVD shop, you wish there are 1N2D DVDs
  • You know the lyrics of the Please Endure/Snake song
  • When someone asks you about a certain scene, you can tell the episode right away
  • You know every single biography of all members
  • You watch other shows just because one of the members is in it
  • You begin playing flicking on the foreheads with your friends
  • You watch at least 1 episode a day
  • You secretly tried dancing MCM/Hot Potato’s crazy Rain Tears dance


Yes, I admit, I’m guilty of some of these. If you were wondering which ones, I’ve marked them in red. Haha.

I secretly want to download their alarm song and set it as my alarm clock sound and/or cellphone ringtone. Hahaha.


January 20, 2009 at 9:00 am 10 comments

Micky and Junsu’s Performance Faces



DSBK‘s Junsu looks like he’s doing the “Crazy Dance” from “1 Night 2 Days“. Micky Yoochun looks like an ahjusshi. ROFL.

January 6, 2009 at 9:00 am Leave a comment

1N2D Is So Hot

A fan compiled funny pictures from 1 Night 2 Days, set it to “So Hot” by The Wondergirls, and turned it into a music video.

It’s AWESOME. Man, I love 1 Night 2 Days.

The sun rises, the sun sets, I become saddened by the sunset glow
The moon rises, the moon sets, memories of you become dull too

December 23, 2008 at 9:00 am 4 comments

Lee Seung Ki Love


I’ve been watching a lot of “2 Days 1 Night” lately. I’m loving Lee Seung Gi right now. He’s soooo cute and well mannered. He kind of reminds me of Kim Jong Kook personality-wise.

Gah, and of course, I love Kang Ho Dong. Too bad he won’t continue hosting “2 Days 1 Night”. MC Mong will take over the role, so it’ll be fine.

UPDATE: It was reported that Kang Ho Dong was leaving 1N2D. However, he’s continued hosting the show…soooooooo…false alarm???

November 20, 2008 at 9:00 am 2 comments


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