Yoo Jae Suk Is Prime Husband Material

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Once again, I was on the Yoo Jae Suk soompi thread, and I came across this article:

Late Bloomer Yoo Jae-suk

By Han Eun-jung
Staff Reporter

IPB Image
Comedian Yoo Jae-suk

In a recent survey conducted by a matchmaking agency that asked its female clients who they thought were the most eligible bachelors in the country, comedian Yoo Jae-suk came in fifth spot following K-pop sensation Rain, movie stars Jang Dong-kun, Song Il-kook and Cho In-sung.

Yoo is not the average dreamy heartthrob, nor does he share the same clean-cut good looks as the other stars. His signature bug eyes and lean figure are why he is affectionately called Meddugi (grasshopper) by his fans and co-stars but he is still one of today’s most popular television personalities.

Known for his good-natured and humble style of presenting, the three programs Yoo is currently emceeing are ranked in the top 10 most watched entertainment shows.

According to viewer ratings compiled by AGB Nielsen for November, KBS “Happy Together-Friends” ranked second with 15.7 percent, MBC “Muhandojon” was the third most watched program with 15.2 percent and SBS’ “Ilyoili Chota-X Man” was ranked ninth with 13.8 percent.

The 34-year-old comedian, who was discovered in 1991 through a talent search organized by KBS, was a late bloomer. Nearly a decade after his debut, Yoo landed a short but regular spot on the Seo Se-won Show that was the real start to Yoo’s career as a star comedian.

But once recognized for his candied tongue, whole-hearted charm and friendly image, he has seen offers to host shows roll in, securing his standing as TV’s most sought-after presenter.

Today Yoo is also the highest paid television presenter, earning 8 million to 9 million won ($8,000-$9,000) per episode. He is expected to earn approximately 200 million won this year alone.

His consistent presence on eligible bachelors lists over the past few years may be the reason local broadcasters and tabloids gave so much coverage to Yoo when rumors broke out that he was dating a television announcer. Last week, Yoo confirmed that he had been dating the Munwha Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) announcer Nah Kyoung-eun for the past four months.

They met on the set of “Muhandojon.” Cast mates like Park Myung-soo and Chung Jun-ha congratulated Yoo and asked him for details on his new romance.

After answering a few questions, Yoo said that he is careful of what he says because Nah is a public figure.

However Yoo did also say, “We are both of an age where we respect each other’s positions.”

Although Yoo has said in numerous interviews that the two have not discussed marriage yet, whether one of Korea’s most eligible bachelors gives up the honor sometime soon is something fans will just have to wait and see.

Source: The Korea Times

ROFLROFLROFL!!! Personally, I think Yoo Jae Suk should be #1 on the eligible bachelors list!!! Yeah, Bi Rain‘s hot, but that marriage is going to get old fast. But Yoo Jae Suk? That marriage is going to be freaking awesome. Haha.

For those out of the loop, this article’s old and Yoo Jae Suk’s already married.


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