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ROFL, I just read THE FUNNIEST SNSD rant on Shenyuepop, and you know what? I freaking agree with ALL of it. SNSD is annoying as hell.

Man, I could not take it no longer to hold silence on not reporting on this insignificant 9 member by all means failure group! I didn’t say much mainly cuz their comeback was deeming failure on its own account and didn’t need much help on my part shedding light on the reality of the case … with SM pleading statement that three members of the group were sick with flue or some other shit, the same old stories of visiting hospital multiple times before their comeback stage! Making them wear pants and make them look like bunch of grass hoppers throwing their non-existence ass and lamp-post like legs which are unable to bend right creating incoherent vomit inducing movements which they are brave to call it dance step. And the recent fun part is their KSB banning process and numerous MNET troubles with SM that will leave them with so much more option of paying for the programs to show their face on TV. WHAT A PEACEFUL COMEBACK! WE LOVE IT!

We always said it’s not only their Tiffany number who is out right rude and disrespectful! Their leader Tae Yeon just proved the nation that she is as disrespectful as Tiffany AND EVEN MORE! Apparently on her collaboration Radio Show with Kangin from Super Junior (ChinChin) she was bragging on how she was in the hospital and how frustrating the account was on her part. The story was that Tae Yeon (holding a high school diploma) was demanding for an IV injection and the nurses and the medical Doctors decided not to give her the IV. She then told the audience on radio right off TO NOT VIST THE HOSPITAL ANYMORE! Her exact words being; “I’m not letting sick people go to that hospital” Her comment made flood of complains on the radio website from the audience including staff of the hospital Doctors and nurses leaving her no choice but to apologize by saying; “Fine fine. I get it with all the messages. It’s my fault for being sick, I’m SORRY.”

But the peace only lasted for couple minutes, that is after playing the Alicia Keys song on the radio the IDIOT came back on air by uttering these exact words bellow:

“For a black person she’s really pretty”

What a RETARD! Someone do us all favor and disappear these girls from the face of earth! Can you imagine the leader of a so called IDOL group in a legal age on the public broadcasting show would represent the whole stand of girls her AGE in Korea (as what SNSD “Girl’s Generation” is all about anyways as SM marketing plans states, right?) on the beauty of black people In that manner and form?

Ever since the arrival of SNSD all the funs in KPOP has been taken away, Thanks to them KPOP is on the verge of fall as for the fact there is nothing left of that mid 2000 “interest” factor in the international audience (which we are) about the industry! And speaking for myself SNSD has been a big part of my own withdrawal of the industry! All the collaborations and festivals are miserable showcase of the big companies paying their way to win awards and get more minutes to show the face of the untalented artists on TV. The News sites are all paid advertisement and only articles come out that the big boss has already deposited their checks! And they ripped my heart hearing all their raciest comments over and over again when it comes to international people.

It was Yoona that told off the Chinese fans that why they don’t go after Chinese guys and leave Korean guys alone! It was Tae Yeon that belittled Zhang Yi Lin during their training years for being Chinese! It was Tiffany that acted being from the States gives her all the rights to feel she is the best out of the whole country!


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Clingy JaeJoong Minwoo Dances to Girl Songs

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  • 1. shaine  |  January 22, 2009 at 1:16 am

    hahah i kept laughing when i was reading SYP’s entry. Their entries are really straightforward and all, it always cracks me up. 😀

  • 2. sushistro  |  January 22, 2009 at 4:57 am

    Seriously… do you have nothing else better to do then talk about celebrities? Honestly? Get a life. If you don’t like TaeYeon or Tiffany or SNSD… leave it alone. They made mistakes, okay. AND? They’ll learn from their mistakes. Everyone here is worrying SO much about celebrities making mistakes but they don’t worry about the REAL stuff going on in the world.

    GET OVER IT. Go study and worry about other things that are FAR MORE important. Bitch.

  • 3. mrskwonjiyong  |  January 22, 2009 at 10:24 am

    are you calling ciao a bitch? dude she didn’t write that one up, it’s from shenyuepop.

    and oh whether we like snsd or not it’s our business not yours.

  • 4. Yaleni  |  January 22, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    i read this one on SYP! quite an interesting post and i found myself nodding when i read along too.

  • 5. shaine  |  January 23, 2009 at 2:31 am

    to sushistro:
    what are you getting so worked up for? :\

  • 6. zerohundred  |  January 24, 2009 at 12:31 am

    I’m not an SNSD “anti,” but I do find that they leave a bad taste in my mouth generally. I really wish they could be as cute as they try to be, but their constant disrespect of everything not-SNSD is really tiring. And I feel horrible every time I see their manipulated bodies. That is the fault of the company. It really hurts me when such a bad image is projected as ideal beauty.

    I respect the fact that they have worked very hard, and they do, for the most part, have nice voices. I just find it hard when people who are supposed to be role models are this careless.

  • 7. yumimaki  |  January 25, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Doesn’t the bad grammar in that ‘article’ bother you? Because it bothers me, more than the unnecessary profanity and use of derogatory words like ‘retard’. I mean, it’s up to you whether or not you like the group and they certainly seem to make a ton of mistakes but I don’t see why people constantly get so worked up about them. Ignore them like I do all the groups I don’t like and move on. But seriously though, why are there so many grammatical errors in that rant? And I know that SYP is a blog like any other but considering their large amount of readers, why do they allow their writers to use so much profanity in their articles? I actually find the profanity much worse than the perverse comments inserted into the articles on AKP.

  • 8. :DD  |  February 1, 2009 at 3:36 am

    lmfaooo this made me laugh ! im not an anti of GG but i don’t like them much the only song i liked is GEE and it’s getting anoying… but ya some of the things they say are really disrespectfull like ya they can learn from there mistakes but HOW many mistakes does it take for you to learn ? no cool. They could sing, they could dance there talented but if you wanna be sucessful and not get to much critizism you gotta watch your mouth exspeically when you know people are watching your every move. Hey, it not easy but YOU CHOOSE this life, im pretty sure people how it’s a hard thing being a celebrity but they did choose this so they better smarten up and learn whats right and whats wrong.

  • 9. BeautifulHangover:P  |  February 17, 2012 at 4:07 am

    So true^^

    Racist bastardsD:<

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