Super Junior 3rd Album Expectations

November 11, 2008 at 9:00 am Leave a comment

I found this on Soompi, and I thought it would be worth sharing:

“I’ve been thinking about Super Junior and one of the things that comes to mind is their upcoming album. I hope it’s something that represents who SJ is and not something else. I have always thought that SJ was unique, not because there are 13 members, but because they weren’t like the other Kpop artists out there. They always gave off a vibe of being normal everyday people who just so happened to have extraordinary jobs. Their personalities make them approachable and relatable, which I don’t really see in a lot of other artists. They have a unique ability to make those around them and the people watching comfortable. Even in situations when it would be awkward for another artist, but for them they make it funny. Even though their personalities get them on countless shows, sometimes I think it holds them. When people think of Super Junior, they automatically think of funny guys or amazing personalities. People seem to forget that they are singers, that they’re a singing group. I understand that PDs invite them onto shows and create shows for them because they have a knack for making people laugh and bring more viewers. But I also think it makes people not take their music seriously. Even though SM promotes SJ like crazy, sometimes it feels like they would prefer to put them on variety shows than help make them into better artists/musicians/dancers. That’s why I want their 3rd album to exceed expectation, to show everyone that they are real artists, not just a bunch of funny guys, even if that means cutting down on the number of shows they appear on.”

I don’t completely agree with everything she’s saying, but I see her point. But what would I do without my Suju boys on variety shows?

At the same time, humor IS a talent. Comedic timing doesn’t come naturally to everyone.


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