F.O. Fansubs Hwaiting!

October 16, 2008 at 11:57 am Leave a comment

I was on the Family Outing Fansubs website, and it looks like they’re dealing with a few problems. 

Apparently, people are unhappy with the fansub team because they feel that the team doesn’t release videos fast enough. 

What a bunch of whiny brats! Instead of complaining all the time, people should appreciate the mass amount of effort the team puts into subbing the episodes. 

F.O. Fansubs, if you guys do end up disbanding, I’ll be sad, but I understand completely. I’d be reluctant about subbing too if I had to deal with dumbass people all the time.

F.O. Fansubs, brush that dirt off your shoulder. Aja Aja Fighting!!!!  

(F.O. Fansubs Ad below)

HELP WANTED: I am looking for dedicated Korean/Chinese translators and editors who can finish their assigned duties in a timely manner. Please leave me a message on youtube (my nick is littosmall) or msn (littosmall@hotmail.com).


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